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Wealth Keeper

Suitable for those who are:

  • Lower risk tolerant level
  • Bigger capital, seeks for conservative growth
  • Log-me-out investors

Wealth Equalizer

Suitable for those who are:

  • Would like to build up their capital
  • Slightly high risk tolerant level
  • Income generator

Wealth Sprinter

Suitable for those who are:

  • High risk tolerant level
  • Acceptable for roller coaster ride investment
  • Aggresive investors

About Us & Why We are
The Ultimate Financial Solution Provider

Mighty Wealth Group has established since 2018. We started off as algorithm system agents, to promote & advertise the use of EA software system in forex market. Thinking about the long term run, we developed our very own algorithm system – Scalpbot which able to adapt various kind of market changes.

The Investment Journey

Step 1

Tell us your investment experiences.


Step 2

Get into details how does Scalpbot helps you.

Step 3

Determine your start up capital & risk tolerance.


Step 4

Build up passive income generator & monitor using Scalpbot.

Step 5

Re-earn the earned by diversify your portfolio.


Frequent Asked Questions


What is Scalpbot?

Scalpbot is an automated investment tool built by our MWG technical team which can deliver sustainable performance through out different market condition. It has 14 years of real live backtesting data to support the real results. And most importantly, Scalpbot has 70.88% of winning rate over the forward test period.


What is FOREX?

FOREX also known as foreign exchange or FX. It is a global marketplace to trade currencies around the world. Basically, you are investing from the exchange prices by buying a currency and then selling another.



How to choose the LEGIT forex broker?

There are few key points to take note on :

1. Reputable brand in the market, provided with legitimate regulated licenses
2. Standard withdrawal process normally took 1-3 working days ONLY
3. Reachable customer service team
4. Has been in the market for at least 5 years


What makes MWG so different from other investment groups?

MWG is a well diversified investment group , which not only focus in the forex market.

We provide additional value on investment knowledge, which strongly highlight the importance of diversified portfolio. Our portfolio consists of forex , crypto-currency, business & property.

We give privileges to our MWG Inner Circle members to take the opportunities to diversify their funds into different investment instruments


I had been struggling hard to learn and invest in FOREX until I joined MWG. MWG shared many financial information with me and always willing to guide me in the FOREX investment.

Vannessa Lee

Best investment company to help me in getting a high ROI and solved my financial issues during this MCO period. Thank you, MWG.

Yong Chee Wai






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