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Frequent Asked Questions


What is Scalpbot?

Scalpbot is an automated investment tool built by our MWG technical team which can deliver sustainable performance through out different market condition. It has 14 years of real live backtesting data to support the real results. And most importantly, Scalpbot has 70.88% of winning rate over the forward test period.


What is FOREX?

FOREX also known as foreign exchange or FX. It is a global marketplace to trade currencies around the world. Basically, you are investing from the exchange prices by buying a currency and then selling another.



How to differentiate money game and real investment platforms?

Both money game and real invetsment platforms are expecting ROI. Nevertheless, you can differentiate both according to several aspects.

1. Real investment platforms offer simple withdrawal process for investors, while investors found it hard to withdraw from money game.

2. Real investment platforms do not recruit investors as direct agent, while money game offers multilevel marketing strategy to recruit agent.


What makes MWG so different from other investment groups?

MWG provides some privileges for MWG Inner Circle member, where:

1. Inner Circle Member can enjoy the priority to join in any investments brought in by MWG.

2. Inner Circle Member can enjoy super high ROI investment projects.

3. Inner Circle Member can enjoy VIP treats including private events invitations, lower min. investment requirement, MWG T-shirt sponsored, and many more!


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